Designing a web application to match patients to trials


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December 2020 – January 2021


Aware helps patients find and learn about clinical trials easily. It aims to equip them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their care. This project is done for a global biopharmaceutical company that develops products for major diseases. As it's currently under NDA, there are limited things I can show and tell.


Patients who need clinical trials as an alternative treatment option.


Only 2–3% of patients enroll to clinical trials because there's a lack of discoverability

For patients with chronic conditions, trials are their last hope and they're constantly on the lookout. Only 2-3% of patients participate because they don't know about it. Because of that, it's really hard to recruit patients to trials. Which results in underperformance in trials. There is also a lack of information about trials. Patients usually only learn about it from their physicians. This lack of information creates fear and distrust about medical research and clinical trials a bad rep.

2-min Questionnaire to Understand Patient Condition

Patients will only need to undergo a 2-min questionnaire to be matched to eligible trials instantly

Get Matched to Eligible Trials

Constantly keep up to date with trials that patients are eligible for

laptop with screen showing video call

Virtual Tours before Enrolling

Learn about the trial and facility before they enroll


Discovery work from other sites to see how they deliver exceptional search experience

competitive analysis of search

I intentionally looked for analogous competitors with the aim of looking for best in class search experience. I wanted to learn how they:

• Provided excellent search experience
• Made users feel comfortable or informed enough to make a decision
• Helped users feel supported when using their platform.

Through this analysis and a comparison of current clinical trial search experience, we developed some principles to drive this project:


Every patient's needs are different. Tailoring it to each of their needs will help them feel less overwhelmed when searching.


There are a lot of jargons in current clinical trials listings that throws people off. We want to make sure it's as simple to understand as possible.

Surface information, summarize when possible

There's a lot that goes into a clinical trial, which is essential for patients to read to know whether they can/should participate. We want to make sure patients are able to get what information without overwhelming them.

Sketches and wireframes to gather requirements

sketches of screens

I proceeded to sketch task flows, and used this to be a starting point of conversation for me and the design lead, before focusing in on pixel perfection. I used this to determine what screens we might need. Once we knew what key screens we needed, I went into wireframing and designed with real content so to determine how the information should be organized on the page. By doing so, we were able to know what information to surface, to cut, and to emphasize.

Moodboard for visual direction and exploration


I explored other websites for visual exploration and created this moodboard based on our design principles: tailored, friendly, summarized. Doing a moodboard first helped me get a conversation going with the design lead on how the web app should look and feel.

High fidelity screens with selected visual direction

I mocked the screens up in high fidelity and continuously iterated on the landing page based on feedback.


Pilot study

This was pitched internally as a visiontype, and received funding and leadership approval. The team is currently using this to support 1 study.


This is an ongoing project, but our intention is to test this with patients as soon as possible. We would measure if this project through these metrics:

Patient enrollment:
How easy is it for a patient to be enrolled in an eligible trial?
Patient preparedness & trust:
Do patients feel equipped or informed enough to make a decision?
Workflow streamline:
How much workload does it ease study teams?


Redesigning the homepage to help signers prioritize and plan

Redesigning the homepage so admins and DocuSign super-users can manage their workflow better